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It's a conversation. Times a thousand.
At light speed!

It's tribal. It's primal. It's the way people have communicated since the dawn of time. Communities talking about the things that matter to them. Telling stories. Telling jokes. Sounding the warning. Pointing the way. It's in our DNA. And finally, technology has caught up. And we want to help you make the most of it.

Today's communities carry on the big conversation using social media (like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+), texts, and blogs. Gibbons Peck clients build communities and join the party by using all of those tools, plus hybrid media like server-based online advertising, animation and video, and eblasts.

Digital Basics

The big idea is simple. Digital technology lets you find better prospects, convert them to leads, nurture them into customers, and cultivate them into relationships. All via systematic, mostly-automated techniques.

Digital strategy starts with a smart website

We start building a digital strategy by bringing the website in line with the brand and the overall marketing strategy. This allows us to build in the right functionality for the job at hand.

Responsive Design

In the age of the daily digital me, people expect to find and use your site via desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone (maybe all at the same time). Search engines know this, and they actually reward responsive sites with better rankings. So, every site we create is built with various formats in mind.


You can't make a customer if you can't be found. And the algorithms can be moving targets, so you need to make search engine optimization an ongoing process. But there are some things that will always be true. By understanding things like search term strategies, page titles, headings, meta descriptions, search-friendly page urls...we can build a site that speaks to the search engines, even as it speaks to your best prospect.

Data Collection

All content marketing is designed around one important idea-capturing and using data. We build data collection capability into our sites using an agency-specific automated marketing tool. Every visitor, on every page, has the opportunity to click for a white paper, e-book, contact, or more information. And when they do, the conversation begins.

Content and Automated eMail

If content is valuable enough, people will ask for it. Give you their contact information and permission to use it. So, by providing value-added content, you position yourself as an expert, even as you open conversations.
Our tool allows you to track an individual prospect's onsite behaviors, and build automated emails to respond, as they visit multiple times and key pages. We can help you score your prospects and allow you to assign them to individuals within your company. So the automated email program works hand-in-hand with the human voices within your company to grow relationships from client.

Social Media

Social media has provided brands with unprecedented opportunities to participate in conversations with the brand community, on relatively neutral turf. As part of a digital strategy, social can provide a great opportunity to give the brand a human act spontaneously...and to move at a conversational pace. If your up for it!

Search Engine Marketing

There are always going to be search terms for which you need to rank, that are just too competitive. In those cases, we employ programs such as Google Adwords, where you establish a group of search terms (both long and short tail) for which you are willing to pay for search rankings. Using some research tools we have, we help you set appropriate bids for each term. The cool thing is you may be seen a lot of times (gaining brand awareness and credibility), but you only have to pay when you get a click.

Paid Digital

Off course, the smartest, coolest, most engaging website on the planet is only as valuable as the traffic that comes to see it. Especially for eCommerce and specific offers, paid digital media allows you to zero in on your ideal prospect-demographics, behavioral data, geography down to zip+4. Then, our digital media folks set up the program, in which demand side platforms (DSP) communicate with ad exchanges in a continuous bid situation (kinda like NASDAQ). So, you have professionals working with robots talking to robots in order to search the world for your best prospect...deliver your ad to their the course of their daily online activity.


What you really want is for qualified prospects to come to your site and immediately complete a transaction, make a phone call, or fill out a form (providing you with the data to launch the conversation). But realistically, most people will visit your site several times before they ever interact with it's smart features. Retargeting gives a cookie to each visitor, which automatically serves more online ads to people who visit your site. This helps you focus your advertising dollars on most likely purchasers, which inviting people who show interest to return to you.