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We interrogate a brand until it confesses to its strengths.

Always go to market looking like yourself-your very best self. That's what branding is about. It's a promise that only you can keep. It's a way of presenting yourself to the five senses authentically, organically, personally, consistently, and systemically.

So when we brand, we start with you. What you're good at. What your culture is like. How your best customers think about you. And then, piece-by-piece, we build the brand system.

Our Brand Process

Gibbons Peck created our exclusive branding process with the idea that every company and every product has a brand-either by default or by design. Your brand is either an intentionally-crafted strategic asset, or it is a haphazard set of marketplace impressions that are strategically neutral at best.

Many companies use the term branding and logo design interchangeably. This way of thinking can leave you vulnerable to internal waste, external attack, misunderstandings among your customers and prospects, inefficiencies, and lost opportunities. The Gibbons Peck approach helps you capture opportunity by recognizing that branding includes everything you do and say on which people base their opinions about you or your product.

When done correctly, the benefits of branding far outweigh the cost. And the long-term cost of failing to brand can eat away at a company's margins for years to come.