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Advertising is where selling meets style...where the brand goes to work...where who you are and what you can deliver meets who you're talking to and what you want them to do. It's making the cash register ring, while building the brand for the future, while strengthening relationships.

It's television, radio, outdoor, print...texts, tweets, and little red's stroller derby and dollar's a feature, a benefit, an offer, and someone who just has to have one of those!

It's what you need to say, said just so, and delivered just in time. Gibbons Peck has done a lot of it. We can help you.

Advertising can mean a lot of things, depending who you ask.

To the media representative, advertising is pages, billboard space, or broadcast time.

To the marketing strategist, it's a way of paying to put your message in front of your audience.

To a digital strategist, it's serving impressions online at the optimal CPM. To the inbound strategist, it's making the most of traffic and data collection.

To the creative strategist, it's all the thinking and craft that goes into interpreting a strategy into something that uses color, type, language, sound, design, pictures, deliver a proposition to a prospect via the senses.

And, everyone is right!

Gibbons Peck creates advertising initiatives with a simple formula: strategy, concept, execution.

We start with what you're trying to achieve-who you're talking to and what you want them to do.

From there, we flesh out how to reach those individuals (media, digital, inbound, automated campaigns) and how to speak to them. We put together a custom team, just for your initiative, selecting from a network of dozens of advertising professionals, representing hundreds of years of relevant experience. And we begin to build the campaign.

Our process is consultative, so we include you at every point, to the degree that you want to be included. Or, we can turnkey it!

The end result is a creative product designed to speak for your brand to your target audience, a media plan that assembles the ideal combination of traditional and digital media, an online, inbound, automated marketing, and search approach that makes it all organic...all build out from your original objectives.

Yeah, we're all about ideas. But we're about ideas @ work...for you.