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Gibbons Peck heads west.

Check out the new office in the Wild West End!

The cutting edge for the creative and arts communities of Greenville is the Pendleton Street Arts District. So, when the opportunity arose, Gibbons Peck headed west.

Around the end of 2015, Anne Peck Gibbons and James Gibbons looked toward the future of the marketing communication business and saw an industry that was more nimble, more episodic, more virtual, more digital. And so, they started to tweak their business model, designing a Gibbons Peck more built on projects, campaigns, adhoc teams, and technology. As the new vision came into focus, it became obvious that the home office required a fraction of the space they had occupied in the middle of downtown Greenville.

"We've been excited about Pendleton Street for a long time," says James Gibbons. "I remember running into Diane Kilgore at Coffee Underground back in the 1990s, and hearing about her edgy vision that eventually became the Art Bomb-the place that became ground zero for the arts community we like to call 'the Wild West End.'" So, it didn't take much convincing for the new Gibbons Peck to pack up the Conestoga Wagons and move to the wild frontier.

"It's really exciting out here," says Anne Peck Gibbons. "Artists. Edgy restaurants. Great coffee. We love our neighbors."

Of course, the main things stay the same. The Gibbons/Peck principles for life and business. The focus on strategy over execution. And a creative process that requires that each concept be engaging, true, and relevant.

You can visit the new offices at 1282 Pendleton Street. Look for the arty lamp, purple lounge chairs, and Gibbons Peck's art collection.