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A local group of orthopaedic physicians wanted to get a leg up on competing practices by highlighting sports medicine.

Orthopaedic medicine can be a crowded field. Upstate Bone and Joint was one of the top practices, winning awards for their care. But they still needed an edge to differentiate themselves.

Run. Well.

The campaign included images of people performing in typical sports activities. That sense of action carried over to radio spots with dramatic music and a compelling voiceover.

The addition of a new physician, with a specialty in Sports Medicine, allowed Upstate Bone and Joint to focus on one area of expertise. Gibbons Peck worked with the practice to discover and highlight the advantages the new physician brought to the practice, and promote the differentiating service line.

To launch this new branch of Upstate Bone and Joint, Gibbons Peck created a new logo to co-exist with the existing branding, location signage, and website. The ad campaign-print, radio, outdoor, and social media-urged the Upstate community to "Run. Well." with the help of the innovative new procedures at Upstate Bone and Joint.