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Medical Center Powdersville is bigger than a clinic and smaller than a hospital. Faster than an ER and close than a McDonalds. And, because it has some DNA from Baptist Easley's all about caring.

Healthcare is changing, and so is healthcare branding. Between Greenville and Easley, South Carolina, the Powdersville area is one of the fastest growing and affluent areas in the region. To serve this area, Baptist Easley Hospital and Greenville Health System entered into a revolutionary joint venture. Medical Center Powdersville was conceived to provide the technology of a community hospital, intimacy of a physician practice, and immediacy of an urgent care facility-all in a building that provides a community hub.


Combining elements - color, type, texture, and key visuals - from both Greenville Health System and Baptist Easley Hospital, we developed a brand that aptly positions the center as a leading edge community health concept, while representing both of the partner brands.

Between the referral relationships, represented practices, and synergy of the facility, the unique joint venture provides one of the most convenient, consumer-focused approaches to primary care possible. Because the center is within the Baptist Easley service area, it is positioned as a Baptist Easley enterprise. Yet is clearly differentiated from the hospital itself, or its physician practices.

As the industry becomes more consumer driven, it's important for healthcare branding to go beyond the hospital. Medical Center Powdersville provides a great opportunity to do that, with...

"Convenient. Health. Care."