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A medical practice in a fast-growing area needed to make a name for itself, while positioning its brand as a balance the demands of two parent brands

As a specific type of practice, combining internal medicine and pediatrics, called a "Med-Peds" (and pronounced "Med-Peeds"), Heritage offered care for the whole family. This allowed the physicians to follow patients' growth, development, and health factors through every age.

Care for the whole family.

The Heritage brand combined characteristics of the brands of two regional hospitals (its parent organizations), while presenting a distinct image-warm, friendly colors and close-up photography of children's faces.

This type of practice was especially attractive in a growing area, with families moving into new subdivisions. With this growth, an entirely new market presented itself, families who needed physicians who combining the knowledge, skills, and experience of both pediatricians and internists.

Gibbons Peck worked closely with the physicians and parent hospitals to find a branding sweet spot that recognized the strengths of each of the parent hospitals, while helping Heritage become its own, thriving practice.