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On the surface, they're a community hospital for the rural community of Easley and Pickens County, South Carolina. But their outcomes rival those of places like Duke Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic. And they can prove it.

Baptist Easley Hospital started as a community hospital in 1957. From there, it became wholly owned by Palmetto Health. And in 2009, it became jointly owned by Palmetto Health and Greenville Hospital System. This created a need to reposition the brand-or literally, reminding the community what the brand had always stood for.


Starting from scratch, we built a hospital brand system around real people, organic shapes (leaves and flowers), an organic color palette (based on a soft green), and a logo that is suggestive of both embracing hands and a heart.

Surprise! That's a recurring theme with Baptist Easley Hospital. For decades, Baptist Easley had been quietly providing clinical outcomes on par with the most highly-acclaimed hospitals in the United States. Hospital leadership attributed these remarkable outcomes to an empowered, caring, team-oriented culture.

To differentiate a community hospital like Baptist Easley, it's important to for a hospital branding agency to zero in on culture. And that is exactly what we did.

The professional | spiritual components of the culture make caring more than a professional obligation. One nursing professional put it this way, "Somebody here knows some family member of just about every patient. We go to church with them. Our kids go to school together. There is always a connection. And that makes a difference." A leverage point is always needed to differentiate a community hospital. This was Baptist Easley's!

They have sometimes gone years-YEARS!-without a bed sore or secondary infection. And when you ask them why, they will explain that they are obsessed about caring about people. And they are empowered to act on that obsession. Thus the line...

Caring is our Calling