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We've lived in houses that needed to look and feel like "us." And we've worked in offices that needed to be practical and comfortable, while reflecting our brand.

Every time we've ever moved, either personally or professionally, one of our first calls has been The Idea Co., because they are uniquely able to understand our vision and make it happen. Fast. And on budget.

Gibbons Peck has worked with The Idea Company for years. They first came to us with a request to update their logo. As we worked through that initiative, they concluded that they needed an entire brand development.

As part of our strategic/branding process, we discovered that The Idea Company's sweet spot, in terms of capability, profitability, and preference, was renovation of existing spaces-both commercial and residential. This positioning has been crucial from a branding perspective. Also, by narrowing their focus, they have been able to increase business in areas that really matter.

Authenticity is very important in branding. It's far better for the design elements to express the core of what the brand stands for that for it to be "hip." The Idea Company is so aligned with its brand that the logo itself (as it appears on the trucks) has gotten them projects.

Innovation. Renovation. The Idea Co is known for listening until they understand and then executing until you're satisfied with the result. Everything about their brand-color palette, voice, tone, functionality, even their "building in a lightbulb" logo-is designed to communicate their competence, sincerity, and innovation.

Because style is so important to Koko Korver (owner and president), every Idea Co employee wears branded apparel both in the office and on job sites. And vehicle branding has given them what amounts to a fleet of rolling billboards.

Recently, Gibbons Peck built a website that expresses the brand on every page, presents The Idea Company value proposition, and uses automated marketing technology to create conversations with prospects. This, combined with sophisticated job software enables The Idea Company to communicate with customers from initial contact through job completion.

With the help of systemic SEO, automated marketing, social media, and several internet partners, The Idea Company employs a sophisticated, multi-prong approach to prospect acquisition and retention.