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AMAMCO Tool is one of the premier manufacturers of custom carbide industrial tools in America. It started as a one-man operation back in the 1970s, and grew to a substantial operation by 2006, when we began working with them.

AMAMCO Tool makes custom carbide tooling (routers, drills, reamers, drill-reamers, milling tools) for some of the biggest manufacturers in aerospace. Their tools cut and drill multi-hundred-thousand-dollar components for aircraft like the Boeing Dreamliner. Customers pay a premium for these tools. They expect a lot. AMAMCO delivers.

Cut with intergity.

The photography is simple, posed studio portraits of people holding tools, supplemented with technical tabletop shots of tools. The copy tone is simple and direct-the way engineers talk.

The secret to AMAMCO's quality is a combination of materials control, great engineering, old-world craftsmanship, and cutting-edge (pardon the pun) technology. We built the brand to balance all those elements, and to present AMAMCO online, in print, and at tradeshows (a major part of their strategy).

On the basis of personal selling and handshake agreements (as well as incredible quality), AMAMCO Tool secured a blue chip customer base, including some of the world's top aerospace companies. Our task was to bring some of the components of branding to the table to support the personal selling and quality story of AMAMCO Tool.

An extremely competent brand, AMAMCO Tool colors are traditional competence colors. Consistent with a competence story, we built the web site and ad campaign around a series of case studies-hero stories in which AMAMCO Tool people made valuable contributions to customer success.

The branded AMAMCO Tool communication tools, including website, collateral materials, advertising campaign, and trade show graphics combine case studies and people stories, to communicate both the technical excellence and consultative character of AMAMCO.

The website, in conjunction with a search engine optimization initiative, generated a steady upward trend in traffic. Collateral materials provide similar information, in a format with which more senior purchasing executives and engineers are likely to be comfortable (printed content). In trade advertising, each AMAMCO ad tells a short case story, associated with a member of the AMAMCO Tool team. The trade show booth and online marketing brochure continue to tell the story in a way that is accessible to the AMAMCO target audience.