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In the higher education world, there are a lot of people who can succeed...with a little help. Spartanburg Methodist College is a two-year liberal arts college that specializes in launching those very people.

Not every 17-year old is emotionally, socially, and academically ready to launch into the high-pressure, fast-paced environment of a four-year institution. Some need a little help in one or more academic areas, like reading or study skills. Others need a little more personal attention, like you would enjoy with a smaller class size. Still others just need an extra year or two to grow and mature.


The combination of visual and tactile elements makes the collateral engaging to 15-17-year-olds, who are likely to be attending college fairs. The copy is targeted at both the student and the parents. The materials themselves are a "discovery" experience.

These are the students that excel at Spartanburg Methodist College. Where pressure is lowered. Where problems are identified and help provided. Where everyone gets a chance to participate-in academics, social life, extracurricular activities, arts, or sports.

The result is a student who-after two years at SMC-is ready to thrive at a place like Clemson, USC, UNC, or even Duke. In fact, students who spend two years at SMC typically outperform their peers who start out at a four-year institution.

In creating recruiting materials, Gibbons Peck built a package designed for these very kids (and their parents). The copy is strait forward and informative (frankly, focused toward the parents). The visual and tactile elements are designed to engage with kids' senses. Bright colors, engaging pictures, peel-off labels. And the hole in the middle made the view book perfect for twirling on a pencil!

So, when all the other books from the college fair went into a big shopping bag, SMC's was out and about...being twirled.