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A technical community college wanted to learn more about their students, in hopes of better communicating with their target audience.

Northeast State Technical Community College enjoyed consistent growth for about 20 years, serving as a school for technical training for local industry and as a feeder to four-year institutions. The look was solid but dated. And there was some confusion regarding their position relative to other schools.

Skills for a better future.

The region's Celtic heritage is reflected in the logo, color, type, and music. Blurred movement is a thematic element in all photography, demonstrating movement to the future. All communications feature real people, for both budget and authenticity purposes.

Northeast State Technical Community College serves several important roles in Northeast Tennessee. For many, it's the first step for a first generation going to college. For others, it's access to skills that will lead to a better job. For still others, it's a place to pick up some credits over the summer.

A Communication Audit, including focus groups and a web-based survey of Northeast State Technical Community College students revealed that the school is seen as a practical resource for learning that leads to somewhere else. It is a place to learn the skills you need for a better future.

Research told us that there were various mutually exclusive tastes and cultures represented in the Northeast State target audience. Obvious conceptual directions, such as folk art or mountain music might have been offensive to some. People love Northeast State, because it's here to get them...wherever they're trying to go.

Radio, television, newspaper, direct mail, and outdoor advertising made maximum use of a group of testimonial shots, all done at the same time using two locations-one for video and one for still. The view book showcased the campus, while the blurred-movement technique gave life to the still shots.