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A christian school set out to evangelize its culture and standards in a way that spoke to multiple generations of students, graduates, and faculty.

Asheville Christian Academy is a place where parents partner with educators to provide their children with a strong, Bible-based education, with no academic compromises. Founded by a group of parents in the early 1960s, Asheville Christian Academy had grown into one of the top private K-12 schools in Western North Carolina. Yet their brand continued to reflect the "bootstrapping" culture of the early years.

Capture their minds.

Brand shape, color, type, and photography were all driven by a theme based on the McGuffey Reader. Using die cuts and embossing, we were able to create visual interest, while providing affordable, two-color printing.

Asheville Christian Academy, like many private Christian Schools, is promoted overwhelmingly by word-of-mouth, as parents talk about the school in the community. The campaign, therefore, focused on two elements that dovetail with this trend. First, we created a view book that could be passed from parent to parent. And we designed materials, such as invitations and sell sheets, that would draw people to the campus for special events.

Asheville Christian Academy was founded as a partnership between Christian parents and educators, with a distinctive Biblical approach. The values-family, classical education, top-flight teaching and learning, and the Bible-played into choices we made for the brand.

The Lion is reminiscent of C.S. Lewis's Aslan-a fictional character that represents Christ-and is a visual allusion to the "Lion of the tribe of Judah" in Revelation 5. The type strategy is built around New Century Schoolbook, the type face of the McGuffey Reader. The photography takes a photo journalistic approach to illustrate school-family life.