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Founded by a guy who once converted a school bus into a dune buggy, this bank was all about life at the beach. Basic services for real people. Checking accounts. Savings accounts.

An extremely entrepreneurial culture, with a sincere, hometown appeal, Riverside did a lot of things right (which showed in their financial success). However, the individuality of the company led to a hodge-podge of inconsistent and redundant advertising, collateral, and interiors.


We built a brand that was all about sunshine, flip-flops, pastels, and sun umbrellas. The photography is full of smiling people, with simple backgrounds and natural lighting-showing off the brand's sincerity.

One of the most sincere, people-oriented banks we've ever seen, Riverside culture connects with people, while the decentralized decision model pushes key decisions to the local level. So you get personalized attention and fast decisions from people who know you.

Riverside is all about hard working people from Florida. It is a sincere brand, so the colors we selected are "Florida," and projects a sincere/people personality. We updated the logo, making it more suitable for future signage and for a variety of applications, while maintaining key features such as the descending "S." A graphic "swoosh" provides a consistent brand element at the bottom of each piece. The color palette is very Florida. And the copy tone is as mainstream as prime-time TV.

In business and consumer advertising, point of purchase materials, collateral materials, and even vehicle wraps, we covered the Atlantic coast of Florida with smiling, sunny faces, mainstream language, and the Riverside swoosh. The use of these unifying elements has enabled the brand to feature customers in testimonials as well as use stock photography for more conceptual elements. Together, it makes for a very flexible, consistent, and distinctive brand.