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These folks remind us of Ritz Carlton. Highly-accomplished banking professionals. White-glove, personalized concierge service. Crème de la crème commercial and private banking clients. So, the brand we developed was literally gold-plated.

Paragon Bank built its reputation in part by building a team of veteran bankers. They made an early strategic choice to recruit top talent, rather than spending time and resources training young professionals. As a result, the Paragon Bank family is comprised of some of the most respected bankers in the region. Bankers who arrive on the job, already "prepared" to provide every professional service one might expect.

Prepared. Present. Proactive.

The logo features curves that unify to represent the three distinctives-prepared, present, and proactive. The type, photography, color, and design elements all support the super-premium positioning.

The bank takes great pride in learning both the business approach and personal preferences of each client. This enables Paragon to provide both client information and advice in whatever form the client prefers-personal meetings, phone, email, online. Also, the team goes to great lengths to make themselves available-"present"- for their clients when they are needed.

Intimate knowledge of clients, their business, their financial situations, and their personal preferences enables Paragon to seek and present opportunities from the financial universe-based on each client's profile. It leads to a "proactive" service approach.

The three-fold position provided the foundation for the entire Paragon Bank brand-Prepared. Present. Proactive. Colors, type, photo styles, voice, tone, textures, papers, metals-all of the components of the brand showcase the concierge, high-hospitality culture of the brand, its services, and the place from which the services are provided.