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A great regional mutual bank became even "better" and the customers became the spokespeople.

The HomeTrust Banking Partnership is a group of independent community banks, working together by combining their resources to better serve the needs of their individual communities. Gibbons Peck was selected to take their newly developed brand into the marketplace in the form of advertising and communication. HomeTrust had commissioned a new logo-based on rooftop graphics to represent the significance of home to the individuals, businesses and the community-and had made the decision to stay with its positioning line, "It's just better here!"


In advertising and point of purchase, the BETTER stamp is ubiquitous, along with smiling faces of hometown people, optimistic backgrounds-in the brand colors, such as blue skies.

The flexibility of autonomous local banks-each with its own board, president, and loan officers-along with the operational strength of a $1.6 billion regional bank, make the HomeTrust Banking Partnership a force in the "hometowns" it serves. One key officer put it this way, "Going forward, this is the best regional community banking model-maybe the only one."

The strength of the HomeTrust Banking Partnership lies in the deep community roots of the people of each partner bank. Average tenure of most of the partners is measured in decades, not years.

So, as Gibbons Peck began to roll out the brand, we built a campaign around loyal bank customers having fun with the tag line, along with a graphic "BETTER" stamp. And-in the case of broadcast-an audio mnemonic "POP" to stimulate memory of the brand and its claim.