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Hawaii gets in your blood. The gift culture. The international flavor. The focus on family, potluck, plate lunch, kama'aina, aloha...and local guys. The aloha dress code. The tightly wound business ethic, wrapped in laid back courtesy.

Central Pacific Bank, the fourth largest financial institution in Hawaii, was a successful bank, but a bank with an identity crisis. Their most recent re-branding had focused on the idea of loyalty-giving them the positioning line "Fiercely Loyal Banking." It was a position that differentiated the bank, but unfortunately neglected their real personality, inherent character, and heroic heritage.


The logo was softened to bring it in line with the new brand. A color palette was derived right from the nature of Hawaii itself-evoking the theme of "sand and sea."

Central Pacific was founded by Japanese-American war heroes who came home after the war and had trouble finding a bank that would give them loans-so they started their own bank. From the very beginning, this was a bank that focused on people. It's a grassroots approach best described as "Community Based Banking."

"Working for everyday heroes." This positioning line was proposed to bring the bank's remarkable history together with its current focus on community banking. It speaks of a real heritage, a hard-work ethic, and a sense of community. Visual elements were also uniquely floral imagery, native palaka fabric patterns. The voice spoke simply, directly, in a straightforward tone. And the brand manners friendly and the spirit of ohana.

All the brand elements were pulled together in advertising that looks, reads, and feels like a bank made by and for the people of Hawaii. Cultural graphic and visual elements are brought to the forefront while copy speaks of Central Pacific's heritage, service to the community, and vision for the future of banking in Hawaii.