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The Beatles were famous for, among other things, the orchestrated, sophisticated, high-concept production that resulted from the partnership of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and producer George Martin. You might recall that George Martin had been with EMI Classical, and had produced classical music (string quartets and the like) prior to his introduction to The Beatles. This explains the introduction of details like the string quartet in Eleanor Rigby and the brass band in Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite. But of all the great, brand-distinctive work of Sirs Paul, John, and George, The Beatles' best-orchestrated creation of all was not a piece of music. It was a rumor... "Paul is dead."
You might remember fans and journalists combing through everything Beatles for insight into the mystery. Where is Paul? Why is George dressed like a gravedigger and Paul wearing a suit but no shoes on the cover of Abby Road? What is the guy saying at the end of Abby Road? What is the real meaning of "A Day in the Life?" Of course, we now know that Paul was quite alive, still is, and has already survived his wife, Linda, and two of his fellow Beatles. But there it is.
This was not the only time publicity surrounding such a non-event has been used to generate "talk-about" for a celebrity. Mark Twain once quipped, in response to a similar rumor about himself, that "rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated." The world keeps turning.
This morning, we heard that it was announced at a nearby university that Daniel Perez's dad had passed away. I am happy to report that rumors of Jose's demise have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, I just spoke with him about five minutes ago. I gotta tell ya, he was lookin' pretty good! On his way to lunch, I think. Or perhaps a press check.
Now, it would be tempting to go all Beatles on this and work the rumor. But that's just not how we roll here.
Turns out there is another Daniel Perez at said unnamed university, whose dad may have passed away. We do pray for that Perez family, that they will be comforted with all the comfort of the great Comforter. But I am very happy to have my friend Jose around for years to come.

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