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Al Davis, renegade owner of the Oakland...LA...Oakland Raiders is quoted as saying, "Just win, baby." Of course, Al Davis is a notorious jerk. And, by the way, his Raiders haven't done that much winning lately.

Personally, I think cultures win because of their beliefs. Companies that succeed over a long period of time tend to be companies that stand for something more than just making money. GE, for example, has been about systematic invention ever since Thomas Edison started the company. Apple is about being user friendly. Wal-Mart is about continuous improvement in the efficiency of the supply channel. I like Jim Collins's book, Built to Last, and Guy Kawasaki's Selling the Dream, because of their positions on beliefs.

I would go so far as to say what you believe defines what winning means to your company. If beliefs don't matter to you, then neither does winning. If you don't know what you believe, you can't know whether you're succeeding or not.

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