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Sometimes, late at night, in the quiet of a nearly-deserted office, you start to have visions. You start to think things like...why am we here at 10:30 at night, all by ourselves...what can we do about this cycle...where can we find help...there's lots of talent on the streets, why not hire some...but will our clients be satisfied with the work they do...will they be a fit in our culture...who really is out there...I wonder if we could just hunker down and get through this...if we did bring in help, what would our company look like...?

And then, it suddenly comes clear. This is not merely an opportunity to keep the company afloat. This is an opportunity to build the company for the future. So you start to have visions...what will marketing communication look like in the can our current clients use social marketing...what do our core ideas about selling look like in the virtual space...what would a product look like that a) looked like us and b) looked like the cutting edge of one-to-one, direct, curriculum-oriented, direct-response driven, click, click, click, permission based...and still understanding that great advertising always includes great creative...and still understood that the brand is what people buy...and still understood that if it's unwritten objective is to make something out of nothing...?

And then, suddenly you start to remember. There was that MK guy, who was a pretty good art director, pretty good web developer, total entrepreneur...and CC mentioned he was heavily into social marketing. Let's do lunch.

And then some other stuff happens. We'll keep you posted.

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