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These were some of the coolest accountants we've ever encountered. They wore interesting clothes and were interested in interesting things. The partner in charge of marketing was a jazz sax player. The head of recruiting was a competitive swimmer in college. As we started working with them to define their differential advantage, some research revealed that they were prized by their clients for their ability to consult on business issues beyond accounting. They were smart folks who could talk to you about interesting and helpful things.

They had a bit of a problem. They were located both in the mountains of Western North Carolina and in downtown Atlanta. And they needed a brand that did both. So...

We positioned them with the line "Hands-on help. Real-world solutions." And then we took of on the human, personal, hands-on thing. We selected what Anne Peck called a "folk art color palette." We designed a photography approach that showcased hands at work. Even paper texture and the way the collateral materials worked carried the "tactile" theme. Toothy, uncoated paper. A belly band around the key collateral piece. Bowl-shaped tabs. A ring binding. All of which engaged your fingers before you read a single word.

Crisp, Hughes, Evans was one of our favorite branding assignments ever. Odd, actually, considering they were accountants. ACCOUNTANTS! Go see the case study. Check out the cool pics. Enjoy.

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