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Word reached me over the Christmas holidays that my Uncle Ducky was frustrated at my infrequent blog posts. Isn't that just the way it goes. You post and post and post. And you don't think anyone notices. Then, you get distracted for a few weeks, and you start to hear about all the people who read and appreciate your posts.

That is generally gratifying. But in this case, it is especially so. You see, Uncle Ducky is a very accomplished journalist and PR guy. Used to be press spokesman for a governor of a certain state, which I will not mention. And he ran his own PR firm for a time.

I first met Ducky at Christmas time about ten years ago (maybe more). Anne and I were dating. I was visiting her family for the holidays. And her uncle was visiting as well. I remember that he was very polite, had a subtle but excellent sense of humor, and that he seemed always to be stopping to buy newspapers. I had the impression that he read about six newspapers a day. I asked him about this habit once, and he explained that...

News coverage works like other trends. It tends to roll regionally, either east to west or west to east. So, you can find out a lot about a story, and how it is going to affect the culture, by looking at how it is covered in various regions. I think I got that right. Uncle Ducky, please correct me if I got confused here.

Anyhow, I am very flattered that my blog posts have been missed. Especially when they have been missed by my esteemed uncle.

Thank you, Ducky, for your readership, for your friendship, for your humor...and for the warm, toasty hat you gave me for Christmas. You are awesome.

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