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The way we set up our schedule, we work a half hour extra most days, and then we get a half day off (4.5 hours) every second Friday. Today is a short Friday. Woo-hoo.

To be honest, some of us are usually here for at least a couple of hours in the afternoon of a short Friday (right now it's 3:02-office closed three hours and two minutes ago). But even at that, it's pretty cool. You can work in relative quiet, because nobody is here unless they have a specific thing they're here to work on. You don't get too many interruptions. And when you're done, you leave. So, if we're outta here before like 4:30, we still feel like we got time off.

I wonder what it would be like to work this way all the time. Come in when you have things to get done. Schedule meetings, and have the people show up who need to be there. Have client meetings on specific days. Forward our calls to our cells. Forward our email to our laptops. We could work ALL the time. And we would never feel like we were "at work." But then, we would never feel like we were off. I gotta say I'm not likin' this picture too much.

Maybe I'll just take the rest of the day off and think about it.

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