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Tomorrow, two high-octane smart guys are going to debate whether or not God exists. It will be quite an event. John Lenox, author, serious math genius, Oxford professor and Biblical Christian will go toe-to-toe with Richard Dawkins, author, serious physicist, Oxford professor, and spokesman for the "new atheism." Should be a great debate. Fun to listen to. Fun to watch. Fun to talk about later.

I'll be rooting for Lenox, of course. But in the end, the debate will not make one bit of difference. God doesn't need a math genius to prove He exists. Nor can a physics dude prove He doesn't.

To paraphrase Daniels three pals, if God wants to prove Himself, He will. If He doesn't He won't. Either way, I will not bow down to your stupid statue, Nebi. And to paraphrase Ester, if I parish, I parish. To quote my big sister, God's God, He can do what He wants. And to quote my former business partner, don't use God, He doesn't like it.

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