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First of all, American Grocery was awesome last Thursday, as always. The place is a little bit of a secret, but it ought to be a destination. It would be worth coming to Greenville from Asheville, Charlotte, Columbia, or Atlanta to eat at American Grocery. I had the duck. I always enjoy whatever I have, but I can't get past the duck. Duck's so good it's almost daffy.

Good time with the smart little brother. Look forward to seeing him again in a month or so.

Next order of business. A shout-out to my friend Willie, who gave me a really funny mug, about my really funny mug (check out those Bugs Bunny teeth). Willie seems to see right through me, no matter how hard I try to appear to be a normal person.

This week has been full of meetings and proposals. It's one of the most stressful things I do. We did one for a school, one for a law firm, one for another school, one for an awesome town in Virginia, with a cool railroad station, a presidential birthplace, an awesome women's college, and a 100-year-old brass band (more on that later). Had a great conversation with my pals in North Carolina about a small performance venue. We talked about some of the things they do and some of the artists that perform there. But they had me at Merle Haggard ("you don't have to call me Waylon Jennings, and you don't have to call me Charlie Pride, and you don't have to call me Merle Haggard, long as you are on my fightin' side, and I'll hang around as long as you will let me, I never minded standin' in the rain, you don't have to call me "darlin," darlin, you never even call me by my name.") Could turn out to be a good week.

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