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You have a personality, no matter what they told you in high school. We've been doing branding for a long time, and we've been studying brands even longer. And we know two things to be true (at least two). One, everything is a brand-even if it is not packaged and promoted as such. And two, every brand falls into one of five personalities-sincerity, excitement, ruggedness, sophistication, or competence.

My Aunt Evelyn is the embodiment of competence. My dad is sincerity with overtones of ruggedness-this caused him some anxiety as a math teacher, but served him well as a scout leader. I had a room mate in college (Lips Miller), who was an excitement brand. Dude did spontaneous dives off a railroad trestle, at night, into dark water-EKS-SITE-MENT! Anne's Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bert are sophistication-Bert is in the big-time jewelry business. Gave Anne some really nice china, just cause they thought she ought to have it.


Had a black lab-Primo- who was the epitome of sincerity and ruggedness. Loved trucks. Got hit by one once, trying to lick the front bumper, while it was moving. Sincere. Rugged. Not smart.

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