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Passion has everything to do with selling.

We went to the Peace Center Broadway launch event the other evening. There was a lot to love about it. First of all, it's looking like a great series (I personally can't wait to see Wicked again). They had a festive environment, with Ben and Jerry's ice cream, corn dogs, know, theater stuff. But none of that impressed us more than Mr. Daniel Hall (pictured above).

Daniel is an usher, you know, the guys who tell you how to get to your seat. In this case, there were no assigned seats. So the ushers were stationed at the door to make sure everyone had a ticket and to tell us to go to such-and-such a row, and to move in to the center. Basically, the house strategy was to create a sense of excitement by packing the crowd together. Simple enough, right?

Well, Daniel had the area right behind the sound board. So, once his area was pretty much filled, he started showing his passion for performing arts, and for this this place. He started selling.

"Seats are different, just like people are different. You have to get a feel for what you want in your performance experience.""Everyone thinks, 'first three rows, right in the center,' right? But that's not necessarily the best seat for everyone. These seats here, right behind the sound board, they're great for the big tall guys with the long pegs. The door is right there. You can show up and walk strait to your seat, without worrying about climbing over anyone.
"These seats right here, next to the sound board, are really nice if you want to be able to get in and out easily, you want an end seat, but you still want to be a little bit toward the middle. Look a few rows up. See these end seats are behind some folks who are ten-or-so seats in. And yet these are end seats. So you have that convenience.
"Plus, you're sitting right beside the sound board, so you know the sound will be great right here. Of course, this hall sounds great no matter where you sit. But the sound guy is right here.
"You need to get a feel for how you like to see a show. Do you want a really good view of the leading lady's face? Some people do. Or do you like a broader view of everything that's going on up there? If that's what you like, maybe you want to sit a little farther back. Maybe the Founders' Circle in the front of the lower balcony.
"As you get a little older, like me, you start to think of some other considerations. Maybe you want to be near a door and near the facilities. Or maybe you want a seat you can walk to easily.
"For a lot of our patrons, every night at The Peace Center is date night. Guys, you know that on date night, everything needs to be just right. So talk to your date. Find out what she enjoys about a concert or a Broadway show."

As he talked about this hall, Daniel became the expert for me. And then, he became the motivational speaker! Understanding that everyone can't have row L, seat 26, Daniel turned our attention (the 20 or so people sitting nearby) to all the various benefits of all the different ways you can experience the Peace Concert Hall. He was able to elevate concert hall seats from a commodity, of which there were about 2000, to a box of chocolates, each with its own unique flavor.

I think I will remind myself, next time I'm presenting our work, to look at it this way. This was a great campaign, because these folks were in XYZ situation. This brand worked really well, because this company has ABC cultural distinctives. And you and your company are in LMNOP situation and have QRS distinctives. So, let's talk about how we can use our approach and our brains to get similar success for you.

Thank you, Mr. Daniel Hall, for giving me some valuable instruction in product presentation. It's going to be a great Broadway Series. And we're going to have a really good experience, including some really good seats...for us!

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