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This is a bit of a follow up to my post of June 13, in which I wrote about a mysterious car, with what looked like evidence of fowl play. I haven't gotten the chance to check in with the attendant, but the car is still there. As far as I know, it hasn't moved. Of course, the door is now closed. If I learn more, I'll fill you in. Here's my theory...

Guy lives in the condos, next to the garage. Rolled in late at night, after a road trip, a little tired, perhaps a little tipsy. Opens the door and rolls out, staggers to the walkway (right near his parking place) and goes over to the condos. So tired or distracted, he doesn't notice that the dome light is on and the open-door chime is chiming. Doesn't even bother cleaning the car out from the road trip (thus the CDs and fast food bags).

By the next morning, when I discover the car, the battery is dead, dead, dead. Lights are out. Chime is off. Door is standing open. I report it to the attendant, who makes a call. Somebody responds by coming by, registering some sort of report with the parking garage police, shuts the door.

Because the guy lives and works downtown, he has had no occasion to get into his car for the past 13 days (I know we used to go weeks without getting in the car, when we lived time Anne actually lost her car...pretty good story for another time). He may not even know that his battery is deader than a doornail. Don't wanna be nearby when he finds out.

All of this is just speculation, to entertain you. If I ever get the real scoop, I'll let you know.

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