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I think it's a great title for a book. At the very least, it's a great name for a biographical blog category, featuring little vignette | case studies of clients and the things we've learned from them. Okay, so there are funny things, like the senior executive who hated the color purple so much he turned purple when he saw it in a layout. But there are also really serious things, like the sales VP who taught us the principle of "moving next quarter's sales into this quarter." That urgency about moving a lead up the ladder and closing the deal has been a great learning for us, and we have passed it along to some of our clients.

A client taught us that good case goods are "glued, screwed, and double doweled." Another client taught us that a woman is more likely to be battered during pregnancy than at any other time. And still another client taught us (kind of obvious, really) that accountants don't like the color red.

Maybe I'm just feeling in a retrospective mood. But I think it's a really good idea to look back, reflect, and record some of the people we've known, and some of the things we've learned from them. So, starting with this post, you can be looking out for insights and essays along this line, under the category, "Our clients are awesome." Stay tuned.

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