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It's a small world. And it keeps getting smaller.
When you do business in a community for a few years, you eventually "know" everybody. It used to be a source of amazement to our crew when they would bring a new business prospect to the table, only to learn that we already know the company, the marketing director, the CEO, the founder, and the founder's mama.
After a while, you hit another phase. Where people you know meet people you know. And then, your six degrees of separation have forks in the road.
We have an old "downtown" friend (from back in the early 1990s), whom we liked a lot back then. She is smart and funny. Drinks tea (not coffee). Looks like Liza Minnelli. Has a beautiful and talented daughter, who likes to wear matching pink tutu and crocks. It was fun to watch her go from one executive position to another. Then, one day, we stopped seeing her around town. Couple of years went by. And then...
Yesterday, we were talking to a client, in a totally different hip downtown. And out of nowhere, what name comes up...our old pal. After making a couple of stops on the elevator, she has stepped off on a high floor in a new place. And the new place happens to be the place where we have put down roots (banyan-tree style). We're like...of course we know her. But how do YOU know her?
Anyhow, it's a small world. A small, dynamic, cryptic world. Just so everyone knows, if we haven't seen you for a while, we'd love to do coffee. Or tea.

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