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We do this thing several times a year. We call it "fun day." It's always the last Friday of a month with five Fridays. And it usually involves some sort of competition.

The other day I had an idea. What if we have two prospective clients, both looking for a new agency. We split into two teams, one assigned to each prospect. We do simultaneous new-business sales presentations on that day. If one of the clients selects our agency, that team wins a prize. If both client select our agency...we've got ourselves a new business strategy!

So any volunteer clients? The requirements are: you must have the authority to hire an advertising agency, you must be sincere about looking for an advertising agency, you must be the right size ($100,000-$1,000,000 annual budget) and in one of the industries where we have experience or applicable expertise. And you must look at and conclude that we may be the kind of agency with whom you would like to work.

I will select the two candidates to participate from the many volunteers I expect to get. You can volunteer by leaving your contact information in the comment box. If you do not want your identity posted, please stipulate that and I'll take care of you.

What can I say? It's 100 degrees, headed for 102, and my brain's a little overheated. I'll watch the comment box.

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