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Back when my beloved Steelers were on their way to their fifth ring, back in 2005, I remember a couple of highlights. First, I remember that the franchise (Ben) went down with some injuries, as did our left tackle. We lost a whole bunch of games in the middle of the season. It looked like we had no chance to make the playoffs.

Then, they started playing like a world championship was a foregone conclusion. Ran the table the last five games. Won the Wild Card. Shocked the Colts in the dome. Sliced and diced on the Broncos. Then, with about a half dozen great plays (including a opposite side trap block by Alan Faneca that may have been the best block in Superbowl history) in the midst of a truly dreadful game, they came home with the ring.

And throughout the run, we just kept hearing the word, "loose." "Everyone is loose because there's nothing to lose." "We're playing loose, havin' fun out there."

Well, the other day we were having a concept session for a trade show that's coming up. Trade shows are a lot of pressure, because you have a finite amount of time to achieve some pretty stiff goals in order to get an ROI from the show. I must admit that I was a little tense. And then, the whole thing shifted when, without warning, the conversation got a little bit "loose."

We talked about guerrilla tactics. We talked about generating buzz. We talked about helping people engage with us by having fun with our brand. As the day approaches, I'll probably tell you more about it. But for now, suffice it to say, we're loose.

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