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We have a tradition of sending friends, clients, and others Christmas gifts of coffee and original art. One year it was linocuts. Another year it was potato prints. A couple years ago we sent "art kits" and let our client create art for a competition.

Well, not to tip our hand or anything, but this year we invited our friend Carl Blair over to oversee our creation of some original works. Everybody worked on the process that resulted in a bunch of cool art. Of course the Carl's demonstration pieces were the best. He actually gave us one, which may end up in the hands of a lucky client or friend via some kind of drawing (details to be worked out).

Anyhow, CB showed us some tricks and gave us some hints. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, and other good things. All in all it was a great afternoon for the Gibbons | Peck crew with our dear friend CB. Thanks Mr. Blair!

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