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This is not the place to talk politics. And I am going to try not to. But is anyone else really tired of the meaningless slap fight that is trying to pass for a presidential campaign?

We're going to have round three this evening, and it will be another hour or two of...well he's not much of an American...oh, yeah, well he's not really for change, except for the loose change in your pockets...oh, yeah, well he hangs out with bad people...oh, yeah, well he hangs out with the bad president...oh, yeah, well he has the bad former president campaigning for him...oh yeah...

Just knock it off already.

John McCain is a dedicated, honest American, who has made gigantic sacrifices to serve this country in the way he thought was best. You may agree or disagree with his positions on issues or some of his decisions, but please. Stop with the personal slap fight.

For the forty-eleventh time, Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim. He is NOT a terrorist. He is a courteous, well-spoken, well-educated man, who loves his country and wants what is best for it. You might disagree with his opinion of what is best for America. But it is just no-class to be defaming the guy's character.

Somebody is going to win this election. My Bible says that God will use that somebody to achieve His purposes. Some people seem to like the fact that this is a very divided country. They want to do whatever they can to drive the wedge deep. But this is a serious time. This is not the time for slap fights. So please...

Just stop it!

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