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It's called "Inbound" (among other things).

A couple of months ago we entered into a partnership with Hubspot to implement an automated inbound marketing program for Gibbons | Peck (and eventually for our clients). It's pretty exciting. Here's how it works ...

We like to express cool ideas with words and visuals. We have a website. And we like to make friends.

The kinds of friends we like to make are interested in stuff like brand personalities, systematic branding, building long-term relationships with the right advertising agency. In particular, we like making friends who share our passion for community banks and their brands. And, it so happens that we've acquired a lot of knowledge about that sort of thing over the years.

So, we've started developing a veritable library of white papers on relevant topics. We publish blog posts about those topics. And we use CTA (call-to-action) buttons to let people download this "content," in exchange for contact information (which, in turn, allows us to hook up our new friends with other relevant content as it comes online). It's actually a 21st Century application of Lester Wunderman's concept of curriculum marketing.

Through Hubspot software and consulting services, all of this becomes automated (that's why they call it automated marketing). They help us run the "workflows," host the "landing pages", and collect, organize and house the data (that's why they call it digital marketing). So...

We can make friends, by allowing folks to self-select, by clicking the CTA buttons and giving us your information (that's why they call it inbound marketing). And we can cultivate the friendships by sending you relevant content (that's why they call it contend marketing). And, we can build a community by letting our friends invite your friends to get in on it!

It's very cool. And it's already helped us make some new friends. How about you? You wanna click a CTA, just to see what happens?

When you get to the landing page, fill out the contact info, click the social sharing buttons to let your Facebook freinds, LinkedIn connections, and Twitter followers know about it. And download the content. And let us know what you think.

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