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I just read an article about how nobody reads ad agency blogs. Kinda hurt my feelings. I guess nobody loves me. Then, I started to recall the times when I've been in new business situations or at business | social events and have been confronted with something I had said here. There is evidence that at least somebody does read this agency's blog. So, now I feel better. I'm easy that way.
One time, we were in the short list, making second presentations. We had a suitcase full of spec work. A Powerpoint presentation. Clean shirts. Polished shoes. Things were going well, when the CEO pulls out a printed copy of a blog post. He looked like a prosecutor, bringing out surprise evidence. "So, this is what you say in your blog. How are you going to do that for us? And what's that going to cost me?"
It turned out to be a really good thing. We put down our props. Set aside our scripts. And engaged in the conversation that was on the CEO's mind. We saw what they were really about. They saw what we were really about. And, eventually, we ended up working together.
All of which comes to a question of strategy. What is your blog supposed to do.
I suggest we consider a couple of thoughts as we work toward blog strategy:
- who are we talking to?
- what is it supposed to say about us?
- how do we want them to "use" the information?
- how do we use the information in the real world?
- how much of the content is hard content about our offerings?
- how much of the content is recycled information, provided as a service to our readers?
- how much of the content is "soft" content designed to engage prospects, suspects, friends, and influencers with a sense of who we are?
I, for one, am not in favor of parking the blog. I think it gives you an idea of who we are, so a lot of that personal-connection groundwork is already done before we start negotiating fees, timetables, tasks, and terms.
It gives me a medium for sharing things I've learned and observed, which I hope will be useful, insightful, and|or amusing. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I think we should do it because I like doing it. Makes me feel good. It's one of the rare occasions where I can pretty much say whatever I want, on whatever topic I want. Within reason. Whatever that means.

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