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We had a really nice phone interview with a young graphic designer from Wisconsin. Like all young graphic designers from somewhere else, she is looking to move to Greenville, South Carolina for all kinds of reasons having to do with her life. But she will come here and fall in love (with the place), and there is a better than 50/50 chance she'll still be here 25 years from now. After all, we do have that bridge.

She is pretty good, judging from her work, which is nice to see. But what was really refreshing was that she is a really nice person. Very smart. Loves to learn. And LOVES to do graphic design. I remember those days...waking up in the morning daydreaming about the next big campaign, the shoot, the music, the roar of the grease paint, the smell of the crowd. It's good to have young, excited people around.

Looks like we'll be meeting this young woman again soon, this time face-to-face. That will be good. You can learn a lot about someone by what their face says right before their mouth starts talking. I'll try to keep you posted.

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