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People who know Anne and me know that we eat red meat about once a decade. Well, this year, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day by having a cheeseburger and fries (we're really boring). So, we started about a month ago, asking all our carnivorous friends for recommendations regarding burgers and fries. We got Sonic, Fuddruckers, Wendy's (my dad's fav)... But our nephew Jonathan came with the definitive recco. Five Guys.

So, Friday, Anne and I saved our calories all day, so we could do the celebratory injection of nasties into our arteries. We cruised in around 5:30. Place was filling up with large moms and their less large kids...and some teeny-boppers with turbo-charged metabolisms. We walked up to the counter, apparently looking like vegans in a slaughter house. The girl at the counter took one look at Anne and said, "You don't want the famous burger. The little burger will be plenty for you. The famous burger is two quarter-pound patties." So, we looked at each other, had a quick discussion of the potential damage to our circulation (and waste lines), and ordered two little cheeseburgers and a bag-o-fries. Mine had lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, and jalapenos.

We munched on the shelled peanuts while we waited (with much anticipation) for "NUMBER 78!" Our number was finally called. We brought the grease-stained back back to our table and began to unpack the feast. We gave thanks. And then, simultaneously, we bit into our burgers. It had been years since either of us had tasted that taste. Beef! With the crunch of cool iceberg lettuce. The slurp of tomato, dripping slightly. The tang of jalapeno afterburners.

Then, we dug into the fries, dipping each one into our little ketchup cups (catsup is for wimps...this was ketchup). The grease made them slide down sooooo smooth. We expected that we would be waddling around for a day or two-red meat remains oozing from our pores. But surprisingly, it has not been a problem. That, I guess, is the benefit of going for the good stuff.

Of course, we are still not big red meat eaters. But this has been a good experience. So we may be increasing our burger frequency. Maybe we'll do it again for Independence Day. Who knows?

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