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Well, I am now officially old. Closer to 101 than to 1. To celebrate, Anne and I went on a tour of restaurants we'd never been to. They were all very nice. But the most note-worthy had to be West First Wood-Fire Pizza in Hendersonville.

The place was started about a year ago by our friend, Scott, an artisan baker, once-and-future bee keeper, and all around interesting guy. It's in an old warehouse looking building, all exposed brick. There is a metal staircase right in the middle as you come in the front door, leading up to a mezzanine. The stairs are decorated with Christmas twinkle lights.

Scott's wife, a fine are jeweler, had done some incredible glass work. Stained glass on two of the windows. And some amazing translucent glass work on the brick oven chimney.

We had some salads, which were great. And we got some bread with dipping sauces-can't go wrong getting bread from an artisan baker. And we had some very good, thin-crust, slightly crispy goat cheese pizza. Overall, we dug it and will go back. Maybe frequently (best laid plans of mice and men, ya know).

Oh, and we stopped for gas on the way out of town. Put nine gallons in the Prius. Got 60 mpg for most of the weekend, until it dropped off to the mid fifties when we went to Asheville on Sunday. It's good being 50. It would be better being 20 and knowing what I know at 50. But it's still good.

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