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It covers something like 80 percent of the Earth, right? It comprises like 60 percent of your body. You can't live more than three days without drinking some. Water is pretty important. Next to oxygen, it's the most urgent thing.

Last week it was urgent to us for another reason. We had enough of it in our basement to launch a fleet! We first noticed this stale smell coming from the stairs and the elevator shaft. When we followed the smell, we found about an inch of standing water in the basement. As we investigated further, we found a veritable fountain springing from the north wall-between the bricks. And the day we found the problem, it commenced a three-day, continuous downpour.

The wall patching chappies said there was nothing they could do, until the wall was completely dry. A little like saying there's nothing to be done about the Titanic until it's decks are dry! So, the water continued to flow into our basement. Water removal guys came in about four times in five days to suck it out (finally they got the idea of building a make-shift canal to shunt it to the man hole at the bottom of the basement.

We had the water system out to see if there was a pipe leak. They said there might be, but that it wasn't in their lines, so it wasn't their problem. So we called out a plumber, who said that our pipes weren't leaking, but the pressure was "dangerously high," and that he should install a pressure regulator. Side story!

Finally, the rain stopped, the ark landed, we sucked out the water (took a few days, because the ground was saturated at the source). And the wall-patching guys slapped some water-proof cement onto the wall-really thick this time. So, at least for now, the water flow to our basement has stopped. We will see.

Meanwhile, we go away for the weekend, satisfied that our basement is dry (at least for the time being). We come in this morning to find very low water pressure in our faucets and toilets. There will be no flushing...there will be no hand washing...there will be no cup washing. Since then, it has dwindled from low to no pressure. It's funny, when you have too much water in the wrong place, or when you have no kinda takes over your consciousness and it's hard to concentrate on anything else.

Maybe that's why God used a flood! It makes perfect sense, now. When somebody messes with your water (one way or the other), it really get's your attention.

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