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This is principle #18 of the 21 principles. And we really try to follow it. After all, no one of us can possibly be as smart as all of us. But to illustrate this principle, Anne discovered still another benefit of teaching a Sunday school class of teenage girls. Of course, the coolest part is watching these little girls struggle through this awkward time and come out the other side beautiful, unique, spiritually curious young women. But there are other things too.

Jules, it seems, is ga-ga over a singer songwriter named Jason Mraz. Now, we had never heard of Jason Mraz. So, in order to keep an eye on things that influence Julia's young mind, and in order to be conversant on things that matter to her, Anne googled Jason. We learned that he lives in the middle of an avocado farm outside of San Diego...that he has a cute little Paul McCartney sort of voice...and that he has a style that is perfect for a certain brand located on the world's most isolated populated land mass.

Thanks for the help, Jules. You rock.

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