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I'm thinking Facebook might have a couple of problems they hadn't counted upon.

First, the site/ap/service was created during times that were (for most people) pretty solid economically. Making the rent wasn't a worry. Buying groceries certainly wasn't. We were, as a culture, all up in the "self actualization" zone. So, connecting with old friends, making new friends, and hi-by drive-bys were the order of the day. But things are a little different. Not that long ago, clients started canceling projects that were not "directly revenue generating." So, we're back to transactions. And so is everyone else. It's all about getting done what needs to get done to put food on the table. Does this leave time for chit-chat? If not, does this render a brand entirely built on chit-chat a little less relevant? Just a thought.

Secondly, Facebook's demo has been inching older. When we first got into it, we were exceptional-40 somethings (at the time)-in a medium overwhelmingly dominated by 20 somethings. Well, guess what. When times are good, the baby boom will not be left out. So, Facebook has become what prime time tv used to be-25-54! Well, now that the fat demo for Facebook is the same folks who were tsunami-smacked by the stock market collapse...what must this be doing to Facebook's advertising model?

Now, the problem with being forward thinking is that you think you see stuff on the horizon that is really a piece of lint on your glasses. In other words, I'm probably wrong on this whole Facebook thing. I hope so, because - other than lame chat - I got nothin' but love for Facebook. I don't know. What do you think?

I mean, it sure enough is more relevant than twitter. But so are tin cans with strings. Just sayin'.

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