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Well, you have if you're a bank marketer. UMPQUA Bank is an Oregon bank that has put the "retail" into retail banking in a big way. They call their branches "stores." They actually sell stuff in there. They open the stores up to public meetings, serve coffee to people hanging out there, and generally position themselves as the greatest bank in the world. They've taken guerrilla marketing and word of mouth to the limit also. They have an ice cream truck, which they take around to the markets they serve, passing out free ice cream. Everybody loves UMPQUA. Does everybody bank there?

Well, they've had impressive growth over the past 15 years or so. But they've also had some mergers and acquisitions, which means there is growth that cannot be tracked to their extreme likability. But they seem to be the flavor of the month in bank marketing. And as long as they're having good ideas, and as long as their good ideas of being covered in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, let's check it out and steal with impunity.

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