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In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I have been a Pittsburgh Stillers fan since ... well, for as long as I can remember. So it was painful to see anyone challenging the dynastic unchallengability of my 70s stillers.

It was very frustrating to watch the Cheaters get away with video-taping opponents signals-a practice that you just know they used against good teams (like the 2001 Stillers), if they used it against wet noodles like the NY not Yets. But I digress. It was maddening to see them run up the score on weaker teams-and be celebrated for it in the media. American's stand up to bullies; we don't hail them as heroes. It was irritating to look at Bellicheat's antisocial mug, and Brady's skeevy grin on every sports and pop-culture rag at Barnes & Noble. And the constant "nobody will EVER beat this team...this is the best team to ever play the game of football...19-0...history in the making...blah, blah, BLAH!"

So I just have to say this. The 2007-2008 New England Patriots are NOT undefeated. They are NOT the winners of four Superbowls in a single decade. They are NOT the in the top ten greatest teams of all time. They are NOT ANYTHING SPECIAL. Their amoral, pretty-boy quarterback is black and blue...but he is NOT GOLDEN. And they will not, or should not, ever again be mentioned in the same conversation with the 1940s Cleveland Browns, the 1950s Baltimore Colts (the real Colts), the 1960s Greenbay Packers, the 1970s Pittsburgh Stillers, or the 1980s Bears or Forty Niners.

Not germane to any relevant topic here. But I just had to say it.

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