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It's funny about old friends. I got an email from my college roommate, Tom, a while back. Hadn't seen him since 1983. But he's the kind of guy who ought to be in PR (turns out he is). We caught up about folks we know. He gave me some news about his family. Talked about the rivalry between his Cleveland Browns and my Pittsburgh Steelers. Found out that he's a big expert on national parks. Some people are just easy to catch up with.

Today I had lunch with our old pal JR. Used to do business with her every single day. Haven't seen her in months (maybe a year). Same thing as Tom. We just picked up conversations and kept going.

Other people, you only have in common the thing you're doing together at the moment. When you run into one of those people later, even days later, it's hard to have anything to say. I've worked with some folks like that. They say that's a common thing with political campaigns. The only thing you have in common is the candidate. Win or lose, after the election, the bond is gone.

There must be a branding application here somewhere. Oh,'s Malcom Gladwell's connector thing. Look it up. Knock yourself out. I gotta go.

Wonder if old Tom can get me a deal at El Tovar.

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