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I was shocked to learn that GW, a brilliant young creative professional, is neutral regarding Bugs Bunny. I didn't think anyone was neutral regarding Bugs Bunny. Hmmm.

I love a lot of things about Bugs. He doesn't get upset in stressful situations (like when Marvin the Martian is going to destroy the Earth with his space modulator, or when Elmer Fudd is hunting wabbits). He is kind to those who are weaker than he is. He is respectful, but not overly so, to those who are stronger than he is. But here's my favorite part...

Bad things happen to people who attack Bugs Bunny, in exact proportion to the effort they expend in trying to harm Bugs. Like, remember the episode where Yosemite Sam put dynamite in the piano? Bugs let himself look silly. And Sam let himself get blown up by his own dynamite. Cracked me clear up.

As a generally sweet, slightly nerdy, not classically strong, athletic, or handsome kid, I really learned to like Bugs. Still do.

He's a literary hero, doc.

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