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Friday night at the Bible conference. There's a couple that live there at the conference grounds, Mr. and Mrs. Yourgi. Mr. Yourgi was a college school mate with Jim Elliott and Nate Saint at Wheaton. They all sang in a quartet together.

Anyhow, we talked Mr. Y into playing some piano, while a bunch of us sang. He can really play the keys off the thing. So, we were singing four part on all the old songs. Just about a half-dozen or so of us. The piano was incredible. But our singing was a little thin-by Friday some people had gone home. Then, suddenly, we heard a whole other choir come up from behind us...the reinforcements had arrived.

It was seven kids-average age about 20-who had come over from the Buckit conference to spend the night at Greenwood Hills before heading home the next morning. Buckit is an intensive Bible study conference for young men and women-under 24. It had let out late Friday afternoon. Boy, could those kids sing! What an encouragement for us old folks to see this group of young, beautiful, thin, fresh-faced Christians lighting the place up! A real treat to these ears.

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