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Best branding agencies seo blog game.

Okay, so here's the game. I write a blog post, in which I talk about things Gibbons | Peck focuses on-healthcare marketing, bank marketing, articulating differential advantage for client brands, SEO-all the things we do to distinguish ourselves from other NC, SC, Asheville, and Greenville ad agencies. And you try to guess which of the long-tail and short tail terms are targeted keywords.

Over the years, the Google algorithm has become much more sophisticated-able to anticipate what the human brain is looking for with a given search term. So, all the best branding agencies, in order to improve search ranking, have become very good at "on-page SEO." This is the in-context use of search terms. The thing is, you really can't fool the robots. They're way too smart. So, you just have to go with it.

So, say you want to get ranked for community hospital branding. There was a time when you would simply jam your meta-tags and meta descriptions with relevant terms, over and over again. But if you try that now, you're busted. So, all you can really do is articulate your concepts, using the search terms naturally, within the flow of the post.

So, if I want to be known globally for my experience and success advertising Greenville SC, or doing healthcare branding, or getting search hits for banks, lawyers, or doctors, or schools, or hospitals...the best thing I can do is come up with ways to talk about those things. In other words, it is more true than ever that great content beats great tricks.

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