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Just got back from the ABA Marketing Conference. Here are a few quick thoughts.
- Bank marketers are under greater pressure than other types of marketers to show a Return on Investment for their marketing spend-but it's something all marketers face.
- Even the super quantitative people who CAN track and report ROI on promotional programs can't track ROI on brand marketing.
- Selling to the top requires a way of thinking that is unconventional for bankers.

To help sell marketing ideas to non-marketers (something we do every day in the ad biz), I suggest that you prepare for the presentation by making crib notes answering the following questions:
What difference will this idea make?
How will this idea work?
Why will people love it, and who will love it?
And why is it cool?

This covers all the thinking styles...CEO, COO/CFO, Sales and HR, and Marketing.

Bank marketing is about to get a lot more sophisticated. I was around bank marketers for four days. And I can just feel it.

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