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At about 6:00 this morning, I was dropping my little brother off at GSP, for his return flight to New York. He was here for a lightning fast three-day visit, to talk to somebody (I could tell you who, but, well, I just can't) about something (I can't even begin to tell you what).

My little brother, sometimes known among friends as my "egghead" little brother, works for the conference board. You know them as the people who bring us the Index of Leading Economic Indicators (quantifying that the economy is going to heck in a hand basket) and the Consumer Confidence Index (quantifying that although the economy is going to heck in a hand basket, you couldn't tell it to see people spending like drunken sailors). He is not an economist. Nor is he a PhD. He is a human resource researcher, with a background and education in organizational communication.

It was fun introducing him to the staff. They made the mistake of asking him what he did. His explanation was conceptual poetry of a sort (dude used "causal" and "empirical" in the same sentence). We went over to the Lazy Goat for dinner on Monday-somebody has to explain to American Grocery that if this is going to be a food town, they have to be open on Mondays. We ate a bunch of vaguely middle-eastern tapas things.

Then yesterday, we had a special treat. Our friend Katherine had us over for a basic, simple, home dinner. It was fun watching two of my favorite smart people get to know each other. Each has since expressed delight in having met the other, so as a connector I have had a victory.

Looks like my little brother might be coming back to talk some more with those people about that thing. I hope so. It'll be fun hanging out some more.

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